The Faculty of Theology and Islamic Sciences was established in 1990 originally as a response to a need to train teachers for the Ministry of Education. With the support of the Ministry of Higher Education and consequent recruitment of qualified teaching staff the faculty grew to its current status with five departments offering BA, MA, and PhD degrees.

Faculty Dean :

Dr. Maroufali Ahmadvand


Family Name/Name Email CV
1 Ofoghi, Davoud (Head of Department) Link
2 Mirmahmoudi, Seyyed Hadi Link
3 Naghdi, Hossein Link
4 Kazemkhani, Habibollah Link
5 Karimzade, Taher Link
Family Name/Name Email CV
1 Rezaei, Mohammad (Head of Department) Link
2 Ghazi-Sha'rbaf, Javad Link
3 Seyyedi, Mohsen Link
Family Name/Name Email CV
1 Nojavan, Davoud Link
2 Ebrahimnejad, Mohammad Link
3 Dehgannejad, Reza Link
4 Abbasiasl, Shafi' Link
5 Moheborahman, Mohammadali Link
6 Ahadi, Seifollah (Head of Department) Link
Family Name/Name Email CV
1 Ahmadvand, Maroufali Link
2 Ahmadi Ahangar, Gholamhossein Link
3 Imanpour, Mansour Link
4 Hoseini, Seyyed Ahmad Link
5 Haghighat, Sohrab Link
6 Hamdollahi, Ahmad Link
7 Faedi, Akbar Link
8 Ghayoomzadeh, Kamran (Head of Department) Link
9 Hosseini, Zahra Link
10 Hassani, Hamid Link
Family Name/Name Email CV
1 Zahedifar, Seyf Ali Link
2 Sadeghi Niri, Roghayye (Head of Department) Link
3 Abed Abdollahi, Samad Link
4 Mohamaddi Fam, Sajjad Link
5 Alimohammdi, Karim Link
Family Name/Name Email CV
1 Dehganzade, sajjad (Head of Department) Link
2 Geravan, Saeid Link
3 Khademi, Somayye Link
4 Ahmad Tuba, Mazaher Link
Family Name/Name Email CV
1 Hajipour, Morteza Link
2 Zirak Baroughi, Asghar (Head of Department) Link
3 Salimi Torkamani, Hojjat Link
4 Fani, Reza Link
5 Yousefzade, Ahmad Link