AMSU Univesity

Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University is located 35 Kilometers away from Tabriz, capital of East Azarbaijan Province in westnorth of Iran.It has got seven Faculties in which about eight thousand students are studying in their own favorite fields at B.A , M.A , and Ph.D levels.

  The Ssecurity Office of the University
 Duties of the Office:

The security office of the university has been formed to maintain the supreme values of the government , keep order, create unity, and prevent any violation in executive affairs, etc.

Its controlling  Functions

-       Discovering and reporting the possible violations in the university.

-       Discovering and neutralizing the plots of the enemies of the Islamic Revolution in order to stain the social security of the university.

-       Discovering and controlling the personnel‘s political, administrative, and security crimes and violations in the university and reporting them to relevant authorities.

-       Supervising the process of receiving classified documents and taking actions to distribute and keep them in a concentrated manner.

-       Supervising the physical protection of the university and providing physical protectve plans.

-   Educating and illuminating the authorities and subset personnel regarding security problems, safeguarding the documents, individuals, and constitutions and supervising the execution of the plans.

-       Issuing special licenses for the entrance of vehicles to the university.

-    Cooperating with the authorities in providing security and safeguarding plans, and continuously supervising  the above-mentioned plans.

-       Pursuing the duties sent by the relevant authorities.

-       Giving security consultation to the upper executive authorities.

-       Pursuing and executing the circulars and instructions.