Health Center
1)Supervising and handling students’ mental and sanitaryproblems, providing them with necessary guidance in different grounds.
2)Supervising the sanitary conditions of self-services, dormitories, and other places belonging to the university.
3)Providing sanitary services for students, administrative staff, and academics.
4)Establishing relations with different sections of the university in order to create harmony in extraordinary programmed activities concerning the goals of the center.
5)Taking necessary measures in providing medicine and sanitary requisites, supervising their consumption.
6)Examining and treating outpatient students.
7)Registering and filling students’ medical history.
8)Commenting on students’ health certificate issued by other doctors.
9)Preparing a timetable for students and staff to be benefitted from services of the center.
10)Supervising continuously the activities of physicians, nurses, and other personnel of the center.
11)Hold classes and educational workshops to improve physical and mental health of the students.
12)Presenting a functional report of the assigned duties.