About Faculty of Agriculture
Department of agriculture began its educational activities by admitting 25 students for associate level in plant protection in 2002. Gradually, it extended student take-in to other levels as B.A., M.A. and now the total number of agriculture students exceeds 400. About 200 plant protection students have graduated from the university since 2002.

At the beginning of its establishment, it had 2 academics, but the number of them increased due to the strong need for well-qualified teachers.

Today 13 academics are serving in 3 separate departments as:

 1) Department of plant protection.

2) Department of biotechnology.

3) Department of agronomy and medicinal plants.

The faculty intends to recruit 7 new academics due to its considerable needs and the development plans that it follows.

In 2011, the board of trustees approved the agriculture departments to be included in a separate faculty and it formally did so in 2012.

The courses which are currently being studied are as follows:

1-    Plant protection (B.A.)

2-    Biotechnology (B.A.)

3-    Plant production (medicinal plants), (B.A.)

4-    Biotechnology (M.A.)

5-    Plant pathology (M.A.)

6-    Entomology (M.A.)

7-    Agronomy (M.A.)