Basic Science

Intorduction Of Basic Science :

This faculty began its academic activities formally in 1989 with 38 undergraduate mathematic students. Now, it continues its activities in BS, MS and Ph.D levels in mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology and agriculture fields. It has 68 academics and 2042 students of whom 114 are Ph.D, 384 MS, and 1544 BS students.  Eleven academics are working in physics department of whom two individuals are associate professor, five assistant professor, and four lecturers. Twenty academics are teaching in mathematics department of whom ten members are assistant professors, two professors, five lecturers and three bursars. Twelve academics are teaching in chemistry department of whom three individuals are associate professor, and nine assistant professors. Six academics are working in agriculture department of whom four individuals are assistant professor and the rest are lecturers. Six academics are teaching in biology department of whom four individuals are assistant professors and the rest are lecturers. This faculty is equipped with excellent laboratories in physics, chemistry and biology. Laboratories belonging to physics department are:
1-Nuclear physics lab.
2-Solid state physic lab.
3-Electronics lab.
4-Optic lab.
5-Laser lab.
6-Heat lab.
7-Geometric optics lab.

Biology department is equipped with the following labs:

1-Plant biology lab.
2-Algae lab.
3-Plant morphology lab.
4-Plant systematic lab.
5-Botany lab.
6-Biochemistry and plant physiology lab.
7-Zoology lab
8-Microbiology lab.
9- Biotechnology center

The following labs belong to chemistry department:

1-General chemistry lab.
2-Inorganic chemistry lab.
3-Organic chemistry lab.
4-Chemophysics lab.
5-Analytical chemistry lab.
6-Chemistry device lab.
7-Separating organic materials lab.
8-Instrumental analysis lab.

This faculty has a separate library which contains six thousand Persian and fifteen thousand English books, as well as one hundred and fifty journals.