Office of Educational Affairs


1)       Carrying out affairs related to students’ registration and taking credit units.

2)       Arranging the class schedule on the basis of the number of students registered.

3)       Maintaining harmony with registrar's office.

4)       Interacting with educational offices of other faculties to promote the quality of  educational affairs.

5)       Controlling the number of classes held within the whole semester.

6)       Issuing study-continuation certificate for students.

7)       Carrying out daily educational affairs of the students and guiding the students who refer to the office to find       answers to their problems.

8)       Being in harmony with the heads of the relevant departments to arrange the timetable of the classes and examinations.

9)       Preparing the statistics required by the ministry and other sections of the university.

10)   Making necessary provisions for holding examination sessions.

11)   Doing mid-term and final examinations of the university.

12)   Collecting the score sheets and declaring the results.

13)   Doing affairs related to the students’ graduation.

14)   Cooperating to hold summer term.

15)   Surveying students’ educational status according to educational regulations

16)   Cooperating with Islamic studies and physical education department.