Vice-president for research

Dr.Ali Reza Rastkar, a professor of physics, was born in Tabriz in 1967.He went to a primary school there and continued his studies in one of the prestigious high schools. Finally, he could graduate from high school in 1985.He was accepted to Tabriz Azad University in physics in 1984 and could finish his studies in 1990.Later on, he was admitted for M.A. level in Tehran Azad University and was able to finish this level successfully in 1993.He was still interested to increase his scientific knowledge, so he entered Tabriz University to start his Ph.D. After studying studiously for 5 years, he managed to finish his upper level studies in 1998 and got the top student position. He was employed as a member of physics department in Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University in 1998.

He has carried out the following research activities:

1-Ten papers
2-One research project
3-Supervising 10 M.A. theses
4-Supervising 4 PhD dissertations

His previous executive positions:

1-Head of physics department
2-Vice dean of faculty of basic sciences
3-Dean of faculty of basic sciences
4-Head of Job Creating and Cooperation with Industry Center
5-Head of Talented Students center

E-mail: a_rastkar@

The office of vice-president for research is in charge of directing the research activities of the teaching staff.

Its main field of activities are as follows:

1)      Presenting short and long term programs relevant to doing research, developing research culture among academics of the university, and creating research spirit.

2)      Supporting  research activities financially, assessing them, preparing  research program of the university.

3)      Determining the research projects which deserve to be given priority within the framework of scientific development programs of the country.

4)      Exchanging scientific services, carrying out joint research projects with other universities and research centers, scheduling sabbatical leaves for the staff, holding scientific seminars and conferences, cooperating with industrial ,and agricultural sectors.

5)      Performing national and provincial research projects, putting into operation all the research contracts with other executive institutions, and supervising all research activities, the central library, scientific documents, information technology, data bases, computer services, the university press, and international scientific cooperation.