AMSU Univesity

Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University is located 35 Kilometers away from Tabriz, capital of East Azarbaijan Province in westnorth of Iran.It has got seven Faculties in which about eight thousand students are studying in their own favorite fields at B.A , M.A , and Ph.D levels.


Ali Akbar Shirizadeh

Head of International Relations office

Specialty: English Linguistics  


It has also Contributed to the  " Academic Impact Program " of the U.N and now is functioning as one of the most important members of it.  Furthermore, this office has found some recruitment agents im foreign countries to take in talented eager students.  They are from nearby as well as faraway countries as follows :

  1 -    Kanazawa University , Japan
   2 -   Salahaddin University-Hawler, Kurdistan Region-Iraq
   3 -   Ptechaburi Rajabhat , Thailand
   4 -   Easter Mediterranean University , North Cyprus
   5 -   Harare Technology University, Harare, Zimbabwe
   6 -   University of Humanities and Education, kazan , Russia
   7 -   Cumhurriyet University , Sivas , Turkey
   8 -   University of Peshawar, Pakistan
   9 -   University of  Karachi, Pakistan
   10 - University of Nicosia, South Cyprus
   11-  University of Cyprus, South Cyprus
   12-  Taj University, Afghanistan

In 9th March 2014, this university became a member of scientific board of International Universities Council by receiving majority of the member’s votes in the second general assembly held in Crowne Plaza Hotel of Ankara, Turkey.

 International relations office of the university first began its activities as one of the independent offices under the supervision of the university president. Then, it continued its activities under the supervision of vice-president for research affairs. According to the policy of the ministry of sciences, research & technology and parallet to the optimum upcoming plan of the vice-ministry for international scientific relations, i.e, overcoming political borders & having a part in globalization of science & research , this office has taken some measurements to develop scientific relations with other foreign universities in order to contribute to the scientific fields and create cultural mutual understandings between the teaching staff of this university and that of its foreign counterparts. It has managed to sign memorandums of understanding with the following universities :

  1 - Azerbaijan
  2 - Iraq
  3 - Uzbekistan
  4 - Nigeria
  5 - Bangladesh
  6 - Pakistan
  7 - Cameroon
  8 - Ramallah , Palestine