AMSU Univesity

Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University is located 35 Kilometers away from Tabriz, capital of East Azarbaijan Province in westnorth of Iran.It has got seven Faculties in which about eight thousand students are studying in their own favorite fields at B.A , M.A , and Ph.D levels.


Requirements for foreign students' admission to Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University


*In granting bursary, priority is given to the students of Islamic countries and those countries which have signed cultural agreements with Islamic Republic of Iran.



How to apply

A. You can either send your application through e-mail or write a letter to the foreign students’ office of the ministry of sciences, researches and technology.

B. You can send your application directly to the institute or the university which you wish to study in.

C. You can send your application to the Islamic republic of Iran’s embassy or consulate in your country.

Documents necessary for getting admission

1-Filling in the admission form

2-A copy of your degree indicating your grades, which should be certified by Iran’s embassy in your country

3-Two photos   2×3

4-A copy of your passport pages

5-An application letter

6-Three recommendation letter from your previous professors (for M.A & Ph.D degrees)

General requirements

A-Having no legal problem to continue one’s studies

B-Having a certificate indicating eligibility either from Iran’s ministry of foreign affairs or from Iran’s embassy in your country

C-Having a health certificate (physical & mental) approved by Iran’s embassy in your country

Special requirements

A-Scientific requirements

1-For enrolling in B.A level

_Students have to finish high school and get their diploma certified by the authorities and it should have the same status as Iran’s diploma degree. Those students whose diploma cannot be equated with Iranian students’ should pass compensatory classes and succeed in courses devoted to pre-university level. Then they can be introduced to Iranian universities by the bursary council of foreign students.

Exception: Those foreign students who have graduated from Iranian high schools abroad can continue their studies in Iran.

_Students are required to have an average of 12.5 out of 20 to continue their studies in humanities ,agriculture, art and 14 out of 20 is necessary to enter basic sciences, architecture, technology, engineering and medicine.

2-For entering M.A level

_Students should have an average of 15 out of 20 in humanities, art, and agriculture and 14 out of 20 in other fields.

_Students should get acceptance from one of the universities.

3-For entering Ph.D level

_Students should have an average of 16 out of 20to continue their studies in the field relevant to their M.A field.

B-Age requirements

For B.A age limitation is 22, but it is 26 for the students of Persian Literature & Theology.

For M.A age limitation is 28, but it is 30 for the students of Persian Literature & Theology.

For Ph.D age limitation is 33, but it is 35 for the students of Persian Literature & Theology.

Application period


First semester

Second semester

Deadline for receiving documents

Up to 5th May

Up to 6th September

Examining the documents and giving verdict

6th July

6th November


After giving the verdict, foreign ministry gives visa to the accepted student and Persian Education Center undertakes his accommodation.

Those who don’t have enough familiarity with the Persian language , should take part in the Persian language education classes held by the university. The cost of the Persian language classes is up to the students if they are not getting bursary; however, those who receive scholarship will study without any payment.

*Facilities for students receiving scholarship from Iran

Bachelor students will be given dormitory ;besides, they will get health insurance freely and receive financial aid monthly as follows:




80 $(US)

90 $(US)

1,00 $(US)

Married students will be given 1500000 R monthly. They may get dormitory if there is enough room. If there isn’t, they will receive 5000000 R monthly as the cost of rent from the university and 20000000 R as loan from the students’ welfare fund. Those who have been accepted to Iranian universities will receive 500000 R on their arrival.

Maximum period to be benefitted from bursary is as follows:



Professional doctorate


4 years

2 years

7 years

4.5 years


In special cases, students are allowed to benefit from bursary facilities for an extra semester.

Tuition fee for foreign students


  M.A of humanities and art

M.A/MS of basic sciences, technology, engineering, and agriculture

Professional doctorate

        4,000 (US dollar)

4,000 (US dollar)

5,000 (US dollar)

10,000, (US dollar)

For Ph.D level and special doctoral degree in medicine, the tuition fee will be assigned by the university.

Number of students in Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University at present


Students of day classes

Students of evening classes







Ph.D students          60