Job creating & Cooperation with industry center

Responsibilities of job creating center

- Conforming the needs of the society to the capabilities of the university mutually
- Creating necessary harmony for making maximum use of the current opportunities to support the professors' researches
-Strengthening the purposefully orientated research departments and centers in order to produce and present the technologies necessary to the country.
- Pursuing the proposals , surveying them , and making contracts with organizations
-Getting the most urgent research priorities of industries ,and executive organizations and giving them to the researchers
-Creating necessary agreements for conducting group tours through the industries
- Creating necessary agreements so that industries can get students for the periods of recruitment and apprenticeship
- Supervising the correct conduct of the project within the framework of the signed contracts.
-Administering and supervising the progress of activities related to industry society , and job creating
 - Planning and making  policy to expand and generalize the culture of cooperation with industry, society, and job creating
- Creating necessary scientific relation between the institutions inside and outside the university in order to establish scientific relations.