Members of research council

Members of the research council:

1-    Vice president for research (the chief of the council).

2-    Vice president for education and post graduate studies.

3-    Manager of the cooperation with industry center.

4-    Vice deans of faculties.

5-    One research academic from each faculty who is appointed by the president.

6- Two academics who had outstanding and valuable research activities, proposed by vice
    president  for research affairs and appointed by the president.

Duties and jurisdiction of research council:

1-    Cooperating with vice president for research to execute the resolutions of the presidential board.

2-    Putting forward proposals of different research subjects to the university council:

a)    Giving proposals for improving research condition and removing research obstacles in the   university.

b)    Harmonizing the education and research time in the university.

c)    Going into partnership with private section in doing research projects and determining how to cooperate with inside and outside research centers.

d)    Examining the manner of the presentation of research services in various organizations in order to estimate the needs of country, region, and province and the way that university can cooperate with industrial centers.

3-    Cooperating in preparing the comprehensive research plan of the university.

4-    Proposing the policies and goals of the university in order to present them to the university council.

5-    Preparing the way for the development of technology in the university and supporting the expansion of the activities of job creating centers and those of science and technology parks in the university.

6-    Preparing proposals for researcher training projects.

7-    Preparing proposals for research plans in order to get to know the science world better and make use of the latest research methods.

8-    Proposing how academics can make use of research achievements to elevate educational quality.

9-    Preparing various research procedures to be proposed to the relevant authorities.

10- Examining and giving comments on the problems which are sent to the council by the vice president for research or the university council.

11- Ratifying  university research projects while giving priority to applied research projects.

12- Generating secular and spiritual motivations in academics for writing research papers, compiling and translating books and providing necessary facilities for accelerating the process of the publication of the scientific works.

13- Proposing the procedures  to the council for codifying the scientific books on the basis of approved principles.

14- Assessing the university graduates’ scientific capabilities and measuring their ability to work in society through doing special research projects.

15- Proposing the general policy for making use of the results of the researches in order to improve the country’s scientific and technological perspectives.
16- Planning to distribute appropriately sabbatical leaves among the academics that are well qualified.