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2019 June
  the board of trustees

This board is the highest decision-maker in the university whose members are selected according to constitutional law of boards of trustees of universities.
They are as follows:
     1- The university president.
     2- Four of six individuals of Scientific, Cultural, and Social personalities of the country who had a vital role in the development of the university.
     3- The representative of the vice president for strategic planning and supervision of the country.

          Its duties and jurisdiction :

     1- Approving local regulations of boards of trustees, and administrative organization of the university.
     2- Ratifying the employment regulations of the academics.
     3- Confirming the proposed budget, budget detail, and annual balance-sheet of the university.
     4- Determining how to receive specific incomes and how to spend them.
     5- Determining how to run service units, production units, health units, workshop units, and deciding on the sum of the money which should be allocated to researchers, teachers, authors, etc.
     6- Proposing the rate of extraordinary payment to the academics and checking the functional report of the university presented by the president.
The proposed matters are surveyed on specialized, expert grounds in a permanent commission before being posed to the board of trustees.
The commission is composed of:
     1- University president (the secretary).
     2- Three to five individuals of experts and professionals in electing the board of trustees.
     3- One member is chosen by the minister of Science, Research, and Technology as the permanent chief of the commission.
     4- The representative of vice president for strategic planning and supervision of the country.
     5- The deputy of office of the boards of trustees in the ministry of Science, Research, and Technology.
After consulting with the higher council of Cultural Revolution,the minister of Science, Research, and Technology proposes his favorite highly qualified individual, and is appointed as the president after the council’s confirmation.

Members of the board of trustees

 1 - Dr.Reza Faraji Dana ( minister of science, research and technology & the president of the board)
 2 - Dr.Saeed Semnanian (Minister's advisor and the head of center of boards of trustees )
 3 -Dr.Mohammad Aghazadeh ( Head of the permanent Commission of the board )  
 4 - Dr.Mir Jalil Akrami ( president of the university & the secretary of the board )
 5 -Ayatollah Mohsen Mojtehed Shabestari ( member )
 6 - Mr.Mir Mohammad Mir Tajeddini ( member )
 7 - Dr.Alireza Ahmad Beigi  ( member )
 8 - Dr.Mohammad Hussein Farhangi  ( member )
 9 - Dr.Moayyed Husseini Sadr  ( member )
 10- Dr.Seyyed Mehdi Golabi ( member )

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