Articles association of supervision & assessment council of universities & institutions of higher ed

Articles  of supervision & assessment council of universities & institutions of higher education

Article one – Objectives:

The purpose of forming supervision & assessment council in universities & institutions of higher education is to direct the strategy and harmonize the evaluative, supervisory duties in order to achieve pre-determined qualitative and quantitative goals in universities & institutions of higher education through the following procedures:

1-1: Supervising the successful execution of the schedules, research & educational regulations and rules

1-2: Supervising the way administrative, political, social, cultural activities are carried out

1-3: Identifying & determining the factors in the university which need to be evaluated.

1-4:  Measuring the research and educational quality and quantity as well as the rate of efficiency of research & educational regulations & schedules

1-5: Analyzing & surveying collected information in order to determine the level of university success in achieving the goals.

1-6: Presenting necessary proposals to the section underlying the university through relevant vice-presidents in order to improve their research and educational activities

Article two – Duties:

2-1: Surveying and confirming the executive methods regarding the supervision and assessment of the university.

2-2: Surveying and confirming proposed plans concerning the supervision and assessment of the university.

2-3: Comparing the activities of the faculties and sub-units of the university and determining appropriate policies in order to improve their quality.

2-4: Surveying and confirming the ways of collecting data relevant to the university and  keeping them.

2-5: Arranging and confirming internal procedures  and other necessary procedures of the council.


Article three – the combination of the council:

3-1: University president (Chairman of the council)

3-2: Vice-president for educational affairs (Vice-chairman)

3-3: Vice-president for research affairs

3-4: Vice-president for student affairs

3-5: Vice-president for administrative affairs

3-6: Vice-president for construction affairs

3-7: Head of scheduling and budgeting office

3-8: Head of supervision and assessment office of the university ( Council’s secretary)

3-9: Five individuals from  university outstanding teaching staff.

Rider one : The council’s secretariat is formed in supervision and assessment office and works  under the head of the office.

Rider two :  Meetings of the council will be considered formal if half of the members plus one extra member take part in them and if the chairman or vice-chairman is present. The decisions will be valid with the votes of the majority of the members and they will be decisive and binding upon all subordinate units .

Article four – the following commissions are formed to advance the duties of the council and achieve the relevant goals:

4-1: Research – education commission

4-2: Administration, support, and construction commission.

4-3: Student, cultural, and political commission.

Rider one: reports received from faculties and subunits of the university are sent to the relevant commission through the secretariat of the council accoding to the subjects.

Rider two : Each commission is composed of the managers of the relevant office and two individuals from experts of each section at most which are appointed with the proposal of the relevant vice-presidents and given the decree by the chairman of the council. Continue ..