AMSU Univesity

Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University is located 35 Kilometers away from Tabriz, capital of East Azarbaijan Province in westnorth of Iran.It has got seven Faculties in which about eight thousand students are studying in their own favorite fields at B.A , M.A , and Ph.D levels.

  Department of Biotechnology
Biotechnology Department of Agriculture Faculty is able to organize practically following courses and workshops:
1- Protein-Protein interaction by Yeast Two Hybrid system
2-Transformation of Fungi and Plants by Agrobacterium and Biolistic methods
3- Transformation of Chloroplasts
4- Plant RNA Silencing Methods, Patch Test
5- Real-Time PCR (quantitative) for Gene Expression assay
6- Gene Cloning: PCR, Digestion, Ligation, Transformation of Bacteria, Selection and Plasmid Extraction
7- DNA, RNA, Protein Extraction and Electrophoresis
8- Tissue Culture methods: Micro-propagation, Callus ,root and shoot induction
9- ELISA- based and PCR-based pathogen diagnosis
10- Production of Virus-Free seed
Our department also accepts Post-Doct and sabbatical researchers
Name  Specialty Academic Rank Email   Picture
 AliReza Tarinezhad Quantitative Genetics Assistant professor    
 Mahmmod AhmadAbadi MolecularBiology Assistant professor  

Maqsud Pazhuhandeh Molecular &CellularBiology Assistant professor  
Ra’na Valizadeh Genetic Engineering Lecturer