Saline plant Biotechnology

Mission of the department

Saline plant is one which is well adapted to the soils with briny water. Since catchment area of Urmiyyeh lake is one of the important habitats of the saline plant in the world, our mission is to provide facilities and necessary space for making use of saline plants of the region in environmental technologies.

Long-term goals

1.    Identifying the fluorine in the saline plants of the region and studying their transmittal by molecular, physiological and biochemical methods
2.    Investigating how to make use of them in medicine, nutrition, sanitation, cosmetics and industry through analyzing their primary and secondary combinations.
3.    Studying the resistance mechanism of saline plants to saltiness and comparing them with plants which are sensitive to saltiness from

different perspectives

4.    Presenting to the farmers the correct way of using and managing saline soils and briny waters in the region
5.    Identifying and isolating micro-organisms which are symbiotic to the plants, resistant to the saltiness in order to optimally make use of them in cultivation
6.    Identifying and isolating the genes which are resistant to the saltiness from saline plants, preparing genomic library, and transferring them to the crops as a modern method of breeding plants
7.    Identifying the features of local saline soils affected by various salts
8.    Establishing scientific relations with saline plants study centers inside and outside the country

Two-year plan

1.    Examining the resistance of a few plants to saltiness as an example
2.    Examining the possibility of transferring a few candidate genes which are resistant to saltiness
3.    Examining the secondary metabolisms in a few saline plants
4.    Examining micro-organisms which are resistant to the saltiness of saline soils