cultural clubs & Islamic organization
In order to strengthen scientific exhilaration among students, support collective research activities, and guide talented students to develop cultural and scientific position of the university, students’ scientific clubs are seriously  working, and they are specifically supported by the university.
At present, 25 scientific clubs are acting in partnership with students in an independent atmosphere with special abilities.

Scientific clubs of  Humanities faculty:

1-    Scientific club of Persian literature.
2-    Scientific club of Arabic literature .
3-    Scientific club of English literature .

Scientific clubs of  Theology faculty:

1-    Scientific club of jurisprudence and law.
2-    Scientific club of philosophy.
3-     Scientific club of history of Islamic culture and civilization.
4-    Scientific club of Religions and mysticism.
5-    Scientific club of holy Quran and tradition.

Scientific clubs of  Education and Psychology faculty:

1-    Scientific club of curriculum and educational management.
2-    Scientific club of psychology.
3-    Scientific club of family studies.
4-    Scientific club of physical education.
5-    Scientific club of library sciences.

Scientific clubs of Basic Sciences faculty:

1-    Scientific club of physics.
2-    Scientific club of chemistry.
3-    Scientific club of mathematics.
4-    Scientific club of molecular and cellular biology.
5-    Scientific club of plant protection.
6-    Scientific club of plant biology.
7-    Scientific club of astronomy.

Scientific clubs of Engineering faculty:

1-    Scientific club of civil engineering.
2-    Scientific club of electrical engineering.
3-    Scientific club of mechanical engineering.
4-    Scientific club of robotics.

Scientific club of Information Technology faculty:

1-    Scientific club of Information Technology.
Students’ cultural clubs are formed to meet their various needs, foster their cultural creativities, organize their spontaneous social, cultural demands, guide their activities in order to achieve Islamic sublime values, develop collective cooperation, and deepen the culture of partnership in university affairs.
These are working to strengthen civil and private institutions, and legalize cultural activities of students in universities.
Each club begins its activity according to the final procedures of cultural and art clubs through holding elections in universities and forming central council and then preparing the statute.
At present, 9 cultural and art clubs are continuing their activities:

1-    Poetry club.
2-    Isar club.
3-    Quran and Etrat club.
4-    Photo and film club.
5-    Visual arts club.
6-    Red Crescent club.
7-    Culture and meditation club.
8-    Theater club.
9-    Music club.