listing sction

Responsibilities of listing section of the library

All English, Arabic, and Persian books are first listed and sorted, then they are sent either to the loan section or to the faculty libraries. The stages which are involved in listing are as follows:

1)    Those books which are received from order section, are matched with the stock to see whether they are among the books available in the library or not. If there is one, no other new document regarding that was is put into operation.

2)    Searching for them in the national bibliography of Iran in the case of Persian books.

3)    Searching for them in the bibliography of library of congress on the internet in the case of English books.

4)    Searching for them in the bibliography of Britain.

5)    Determining their subjects by searching through congress topics.

6)    They are returned to the library after getting enough information about them.

7)    Matching the call numbers of them with those of already existing books.

8)    Sticking bar code to the books.