free table

Members of the Free Thinkers’ Board:

1-    Vice president for social and cultural affairs (the chief).

2-    Manager of the social and cultural affairs (the secretary).

3-    Head of the leader’s institution in university.

4-    Two BA/MA students preferably those who are studying humanities.

5-    One of the academics proposed by the chief.

6-      One jurist from the academics of the university proposed by the chief.

Rider 1- The members’ decrees will be issued by the university president.

Its duties:

1-    Organizing meetings for giving opinions about the demands of companies and organizations.

2-    Scheduling regular, legitimate sessions of the board.

3-    Supervising the board and its meetings.

4-    Determining the director of the board according to the procedures.

5-    Sending a report of its activities to the cultural council and the central board.

6-      Assessing and ranking the free thinking meetings.

This office works to provide cultural and extraordinary activities for students and tries to train and develop students’ aptitudes in different cultural, artistic fields. Moreover, it promotes students’ cultural, artistic abilities by identifying their capabilities, preparing necessary facilities, and organizing their activities. It has 6 personnel working under the manager.