Office of Physical Education

The physical education office began its activities in 2007 in the west part of the main site of the university with the motto “sports for all and for better life”, and all the authorities concerned with it make an endeavor to develop athletic and public sports among different groups of students. To do this, it has succeeded in developing covered and open sports spaces at the rate of 1 square meter for each student and now providing services for students in 17 fields of sports under the supervision of 2 assistants. It has managed to train champions and got outstanding position among popular universities in the country.

Considering the problems and concerns of the university, the need for establishing counseling center to provide and develop mental sanitation in the university atmosphere, and to give preventive interferences arises.
In order to achieve this goal, the counseling center which had been working under the health center of the university until 2010 became a separate section by an edict issued by the university president.