AMSU Univesity

Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University is located 35 Kilometers away from Tabriz, capital of East Azarbaijan Province in westnorth of Iran.It has got seven Faculties in which about eight thousand students are studying in their own favorite fields at B.A , M.A , and Ph.D levels.

  Research Department of communication

This department has been constituted to carry out research in various fields of communication and signal processing by a group of professors of technology and science. The purpose is to do applied research in communication and signal processing, localize modern technology in this field, and train skilled labor, and the main approach of it is to carry out applied interdisciplinary research in order to solve the problems of the region as well as those of the country in the field of communication and signal processing.

Main areas of the activity of the department are as follows:

1)    Propagating radio waves.

2)    Designing radio networks.

3)    Transferring bandwidth data from ground power lines.

4)    Using artificial intelligence in communication and signal processing, Magnetoplasmonic parts and active plasmons, photonic microwaves, and modern ways of signal processing. Of course, the fields of activity can be extended to other areas according to the demands of the society.

The members of the department are:

1)    Dr. Ali Reza Rastkar.

2)    Dr. Seyyed Mahmud Sheikholeslami.

3)    Dr. Kazem Jamshidi.

4)    Dr. Naser Aghazadeh.

5)    Dr. Shahram HusseinZadeh.

6)    Dr. Sajjad Najafi.

7)    Dr. Vahid Behjat.

8)    Dr. Nader Samsonchi.

9)    Dr. Mohammad Khodizadeh.

10) Mehdi Rashidi.