Central Library
The central library of the university was founded in 1988. Its stock of books and journals has been portrayed below:
-49096 Persian books.
-30045 English books.
-285 Persian journals.
-14 English journals.
-6 Arabic journals.
-294 Persian dissertations and theses.
-26 English dissertations and theses.
It has planned to develop its activities and pursues the following goals:
1)Establishing digital library.
2)Holding educational workshops for the academics, students and administrative personnel.
3)Singing memorandums with other universities in the west north in order to exchange information.
4)Subscribing to some worldly prestigious electronic libraries and journals.
5)Giving service to the state universities, private universities, and Payame Nour universities of the region.
6)Completing the website of the library in the new website of the university.
7)Holding book fairs in the university with the cooperation of local and foreign publishers.
8)Visiting the central libraries of other universities in the country in order to be informed about their working plans.
9)Signing an agreement with Tabriz University to get internet accounts for the academics to have access to scientific journals on the internet.
10)Hiring some professional internet users of students to download books from internet.
Terms of using the central library
1)Book loaning is possible only when student presents his national card, and the required book is given only to the owner of the card.
2)A B.A. student can get 3 books for 30 days, an M.A. student is allowed to get 6 books, and a Ph.D. student is permitted to get 9 books, and once the period can be extended.
3)Exceeding the loan period by any student will lead to penalty, i.e. 500 Rials for each day.
4)Any damage to the books by the students will be compensated by buying the new edition of the book for the library.
5)If any student uses his friend’s national card, their membership will be cancelled for 1 semester.
6)After getting the book, a student is allowed to return it to the library after 2 days.
7)The book which has been returned to the library may be loaned to another student after 2 days.
8)Clients should not receive torn or incomplete books.