Verification board

Verification board
After appointing the members of specialized committees, the verification board begins its activities in order to decentralize, develop, and institutionalize the partnership of universities in the management of higher education and reinforce cooperational spirit between universities.
It arouses interest and excitement about the promotion among academics.

Goals and strategies:

1- Changing the employment status of the administrative officials to academic status.
2- Changing the employment status of the contract academics to probationary  status.
3- Changing the employment status of the probationary  academics to the permanent  status.
4- Counting the number of the years that academics have served in the university before their employment status changes to the   probationary  status.
5- Promoting lecturer academics to assistant professors.
6- Promoting assistant professors to associate professors.
7- Promoting associate professors to professorship.
8- Surveying the promotion table concerning those academics who are looking for sabbatical leaves and scholarship.