Faculty of Education & Psychology


This faculty was not independent at first, and it was composed of only one department, department of family studies which continued its educational activities within the framework of the humanity faculty. This department began its activities at B.A. level by admitting 40 students for day classes in 1997. Parallel to this, it committed itself to presenting the training courses. In 2001, the physical education department was formed and started its activities within the humanity faculty too. Later on, university authorities came to the conclusion that a separate faculty entitled faculty of education and psychology should be established, so the former president of the university issued an edict appointing Dr. Ghoreishi as the dean of the faculty of education and psychology in 2004 so that she could start its activities independently of the humanity faculty.
From this year on, due to the dean’s diligent attempts and hard-working staff, it could admit B.A. students for physiology of sports, general psychology, and library sciences, and the number of departments amounted to four. Moreover, the dean’s endeavor for employing new teaching staff went on at a very high rate, so the formal license for the establishment of an independent faculty was finally confirmed by the ministry of Science, Research, and Technology and the board of trustees during the development process of the faculty, we could get permission to attract psychology students for M.A. level in 2007; furthermore, some laboratories were equipped for physical education, and library science courses. In addition to these facilities, the need for an independent computer center was seriously felt; therefore, the site of the faculty was put into operation, and every department was provided with a separate projector together with its necessary accessories as well as teaching aids in order to promote the quality of the education. In 2008, the head of planning and educational management was introduced to pave the road for the admission of the student.
During this year, there was a change in the management of the faculty resulting in the rapid growth and development; besides, it managed to get license to admit students both for M.A. in training psychology and for B.A. in motor behavior and management and educational planning.
Further equipping the laboratories was carried out by purchasing necessary soft wares and hard wares.
At present, this faculty is comprised of five departments with the permission to admit the student in seven disciplines and about 426 daytime students, 274 evening students at B.A. level and 45 M.A. students are currently studying in their respective departments. Here 17 assistant professors are doing their best to get across the points as clearly as possible. There have been taken some measures to obtain license for admitting students for six new disciplines at M.A. level and four new ones at B.A. level.
With the movement of the faculty into the newly constructed building, it became possible to equip the center of educational technology, psychology lab, software information lab, library sciences workshop, the computer center, and the seminar room.

This faculty started its activities by admitting 38 students for B.A. level in theology and Islamic studies in 1990, and now contains religion and mysticism, Islamic philosophy, law and Islamic jurisprudence, Quranic sciences, history and Islamic civilization department.
The computer center of the faculty contains only 30 computers which are connected to the central server. Postgraduate students are provided with separate computers, and the authorities are intended to increase the number of the computers of the center.