AMSU Univesity

Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University is located 35 Kilometers away from Tabriz, capital of East Azarbaijan Province in westnorth of Iran.It has got seven Faculties in which about eight thousand students are studying in their own favorite fields at B.A , M.A , and Ph.D levels.

  Office of Planning,Budgeting & Organizing
   Duties of the Office:

1) Determining the special and building budget of the university after receiving information and plans from different sections of the university and collecting them within the framework of university goals and its general policy by observing legal criteria under the supervision of the university president.

2) Defending the proposed budget in presence of high rank authorities.

3) Being in harmony and cooperating with the office of vice president for planning and strategic supervision of the ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the relevant commissions in the parliament throughout the year on budget approval, announcement of credit shortcoming, and presenting  necessary documents.

4) Determining the detailed budget of the university for one fiscal year concerning the university goals and main needs of different sections.

5) Distributing and notifying the approved budget to the financial manager and other sections, appropriating the credit, and wanting the manager to observe the maximum rate of credit and its provision.

6) Collecting information related to the functions of the sections for several months ,and analyzing the credit status of the university.

7) Giving necessary guidelines to university sections and office of financial manager in making use of credits and  existing problems.

8) Collecting and analyzing statistical information (information about education, student, research, finance, and personnel) and presenting it to the relevant authorities.

9) Applying for information, receiving it from different sections of the university in the form of quarterly reports.

10) Reporting the credit status of the university to the university president and presidential board in order to be in harmony with the goals and approved plans.

11) Supervising the execution of the approved budget continuously, controlling the amount of the allocated credits by preparing supervisory reports, and presenting them to the president of the university.

12) Presenting annual financial reports about how budget has been spent by the university to the board of trustees.

13) Giving advisory services to university sections regarding budget affairs.

14) Collecting information, taking part in the transaction committee of the university as the president’s deputy, and reporting the discussed matters to him in order to make unified and better decisions.

15) Supervising the execution of approved construction plans of the university with respect to attracting and spending construction credits.

16) Preparing the credits of research plan of the country in the form of approved projects, and exchanging memorandum with the office of planning and strategic supervision of the vice president.

17) Examining the structure of the university continuously and presenting necessary plan in order to increase the efficiency of the sections.

18) Preparing the list of administrative personnel’s duties with the cooperation of university vice president for administrative and financial affairs.

19) Predicting needed man-power for the university with the cooperation of vice president for administrative and financial affairs.

20) Surveying the methods of the workflow continuously, and removing additional formalities in order to improve the methods.

21) Planning in-service educations (short, mid, and long term) for managers and non- teaching staff to increase their efficiency and information.

22) Preparing educational calendar of the center of personnel education.

23) Holding educational periods for non-teaching personnel during the year, and teaching administrative skill to them in the center.

24) Planning illuminating educations for the newly employed staff and familiarizing them with administrative regulations.

25) Commenting on the new appointment suggestions in order to determine the organizational posts.

26) Cooperating with the vice president for administrative and financial affairs in executing personnel classification plan.

27) Considering the entitlement of the non-teaching staff to get promotion or be transferred in the executive committee of personnel classification plan.

28) Notifying and executing employment laws, regulations, and procedures in harmony with the vice president for administrative and financial affairs.

29) Preparing agenda for the committee of personnel classification plan and execution board of man-power.

30) Giving advice to the personnel regarding employment and administration.