Information Technology Center
Responsibilities of information technology center :

IT center
of the university is one of the subsets of the vice president for research, which presents the following services in order to achieve university goals.

1) Managing the bandwidth, and presenting internet connection to both personnel and students.
2) Creating and developing necessary infrastructures for computer network of the university in two forms(wired and wireless).
3) Managing and supporting the university portal.
4) Managing and supporting DINs system and registered names of the internet.
5) Managing and supporting electronic mail system.
6) Managing and supporting the server of the academics’ CV.
7) Managing and supporting administrative automation system.
8) Providing file transfer services (FTP).
9) Hosting websites of academics and conferences.
10) Creating and developing necessary security layers.
11) Providing services for needed software systems such as Sama, dormitory management, nutrition management, salary and wages, provisions, etc.
12) Supporting the systems of the university computers.