Legal Affairs Office

1)  Performing affairs concerning contracts, agreements, memorandums, legal bills, auctions, and tenders,etc. in harmony with the relevant vice president.

2)  Surveying and studying law fields, collecting necessary legal sources and classifying them in order to have quick access to the necessary information.

3)  Commenting on the laws, regulations, acts, and agreements set by the ministry.

4)  Supervising the execution of contracts, agreements, etc. which are somehow related to the university’s rights.

5)  Studying the contracts and legal resources and litigating against individuals and companies in order to obtain university rights.

6)  Preparing the bills and replies, defending university rights in the presence of authorities, and reporting the results to the relevant vice  president.

7) Getting estate documents as commitment from those who go abroad to continue their studies, and bringing commitment into operation according to the relevant principles if they do not act accordingly.

8)  Giving legal comments on the problems which are sent to the legal office by different sections of the university.

9) Taking necessary measures to favorably hold auctions and tenders of services and commodities with the cooperation of the relevant  sections.

10) Preparing different contracts according to principles with the cooperation of the relevant sections.

11) Examining and commenting legally on the renewal or cancellation of the auctions and tenders of the university.

12)  Participating actively in the auction and tender commissions and legal assemblies in order to present lawful procedures.

13) Evaluating the affairs continuously, preparing reports from the problems and the activities which have been carried out , and

presenting them to the relevant vice president and other authorities.