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Smart Distribution Grid Research Lab

Welcome to Smart Distribution Grid Research Lab Website
•    The aim of the Lab:
•    The aim of Smart Distribution Grid Lab is research and development on all areas of smart power distribution grid specially on optimal smart distribution gird operation, design and planning.
•     Smart Grid:
 The integration and application of real-time monitoring, advanced sensing, communication, analytic, and control enabling the dynamic flow of both energy and information to accommodate existing and new forms of supply, delivery, and use in a secure, reliable and efficient power system, from generation to end – user. In other words, the SG can be regarded as an electric system that uses information, two-way, cyber-secure communication technologies, and computational intelligence in an integrated fashion across electricity generation, transmission, substations, distribution and consumption to achieve a system that is clean, safe, secure, reliable, resilient, efficient, and sustainable. This description covers the entire spectrum of the energy system from generation to the end points of consumption of the electricity.  

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